My Bedroom DIY

When it comes to my room at home, I see it as my personal canvas. I love to try new DIY projects to bring my small space together, making it as personal as I possibly can. While decorating a space, I think about comfort and creating an oasis were I can go to unwind. You see, I’m a bit like a cat when I’m at home. I spend most of my time here, so it made sense for me to make this space completely mine! For inspiration I turned to Pintrest, like most people. I tried to tie all of these ideas into my room. My space is quite small so creating a cozy environment was key for the vision I had.
These are the finish products of my DIY projects thus far:
For my bed area, I created tissue paper flower balls to go above my bed. I made sure to hang them at different lengths to make it a little more visually interesting. (You can find the tutorial here). I also placed a vinyl quote just above my bed, from Michaels. To make my lamp a little more cute, I tied a ribbon around it.

For the furthest corner of my room, I placed a monogram surrounded by frames ( bought at Michaels). I also cut out letters to form a quote from one of my favorite bands, Mumford and Sons. I hung a paint sample chandelier near my monograms (you can find the tutorial here). Behind the curtains, I hung some twinkle lights which looks amazing at night!

Above my dresser, I made another monogram and hung individual bead garlands (that I measured, cut, and hung) in front of it. The bead garland were amongst old Christmas stuff, so why not recycle right! Also I always have flowers on my dressers. I love lilies, they’re so elegant and simple, so it was only right to place one in a glass vase there.

For my other empty wall, I used the remaining strands of beaded garlands and made a string to hang some photos on. I got the cloth pins from Michaels as well, they have rhinestones on them. I’m pretty sure I spend less than $5 on them too… Score!

Even my light fixture had to be fancy! I bought adhesive rhinestone take and covered it! It just seemed like the right thing to do!
My next projects going to be a big one. I’m going to be redesigning and repainting my desk! Wish me luck guys!