My Apartment Bedroom DIY

When I moved away to university, I was so excited to be able to  get a fresh start. Being a bit of a DIY junky, I was even more excited to get my hands on a clean sleight! Having moved into an apartment, there were obviously a limit of what I could do in my room. We were told we could not make holes in the wall or paint. And above all else, this decorating mission was solely funded by yours truly (so it had to be super cheap). This was a challenge, but not impossible to get the look I wanted of course! So here is what I did with my room in my apartment:

What I didn’t make, I bought at Home Sense (for the most part). Being the type A person I am, I made lists upon lists of everything I would need when I moved out. My roommates as my witnesses, I was beyond prepared for life in the real world. I bought all the essentials: comforter, duvet cover, throw pillows, a laundry shoot, mirror, ect! All every exciting to buy when it’s your first time living on your own. And being me, everything HAD to coordinate with my color scheme. I spent under 200 dollars for everything, including my goose down comforter (which I desperately needed seeing as the city I live in gets to almost 40 bellow!).
With my essentials down, it was time for decorating. For me, blank walls distract me, my mind won’t stop thinking of ways to decorate them! Being slightly antisocial at times, my room has to be an oasis for me. So leaving my room plain was never an option for me. I went a little crazy I guess, but my madness resulted in a room that I am absolutely in love with!
For the top of dresser, I used old card boxes, tins and baskets to organize my nail polishes, cotton puffs, ect! I used on old vase I found at home and filled it with change (for laundry) and put a flower in it. I also hung an ombre cut out mobile on the wall. This was made from paint samples I got from the hardware store. (You can find the tutorial here)
To organize my collection of earrings, I took a picture frame and put knitting mesh behind it. To hold it up, I got a picture frame stand to display them. The tutorial for this can be found here.

I made a monogram for my bedroom door. I simply bought a cardboard letter from Micheal, painted it a metallic silver and  put rhinestone ribbon on it.
I decorated my empty wall spaces, with decorative scrapbook paper and tissue paper pom poms. You can find the tutorials for the pom poms here. The scrapbook color blocked wall art tutorial can be found here. These DIY projects are super cheap and easy way to add a pot of color to a plain room. Especially when you’re renting, this is a great way to keep your security deposit when you move out. These projects leave no marks on your walls, obviously depending on the kind of tape you use and the type of walls you have!
For my hair and makeup corner, I kept it simple. I bought these compartment containers from the dollar store to keep my products organized. To keep all my brushes together, I stuck them in a glass bowl filled with rocks (tutorial here).  It super simple.
 Being a student first and for most, my desk is fully loaded with books, office supplies, and various organizers. To add a bit of personality, I loaded my cork board with pictures, jewelry, and accessories. I have some my schedules, calendars, and memos posted above my desk to keep me on track.
I hated this old lamp, so I did what I do best: I dipped it in glitter! I added some flowers in black glitter to give it more of a pizzazz!
  IMG_1902For my other empty wall, I decided to put a bunch of quotes that resonated with me! As I find quotes, I just add them to my wall. When I feel down or thoughtful, I love to read the quotes on my wall and I always walk away feeling so inspired. As for that basket, I it was love at first sight. Baskets are great as a decorative and as a practical piece. Its big enough to hold all my extra sheets, my hats, and my scarfs.
IMG_1903I’ve made my room into a my home away from home! It makes being so far way from my family and friends, so much easier. I had a blast decorating my room and making it completely my own.
Happy DIY and may the force be with you!
– Abby