Crochet Braids: How My First Time Turned Out

I have always been the one to try new cool things. I’m not afraid to dive into something completely new. To me, a challenge here and there is welcome especially beauty related projects! So when I learned about crochet braids last week, I was immediately intrigued. Crochet braids is basically when you braid your hair and loop strands of hair under the braids, noting each strand. The finished product basically looks like a weave or natural curls, depending on what you’re looking for.

Being the slightly impulsive, but incredibly type A person I am – I did my research, bought my materials and dove right in. After watching a handful of YouTube tutorials and reading a few DIY blogs, I went in quite confident. It seemed simple enough at the time … but it was a lot harder than I thought.


I started off with my hair cornrowed. Since I’m no hair expert, I got a friend to braid the same pattern that the girl in the tutorial I was following. My friend did cornrows all the time, but she had trouble getting the pattern just right. The curved braids proved to be quite tricky for her. She ended up be spending a good three hours on my hair. I was super grateful of course!


I watched about 7-8 different tutorials before I chose the one that made the most sense to me. I didn’t go into this whole ordeal completely lost. I did my research (okuuuuur). But perhaps my downfall was being overconfident in my execution skills! But anyways, here is the tutorial that made the most sense to me:

So here I was, looking like a 2001 throwback fly-girl, hair all braided.  As much as I loved looking super tough in my braids, I was excited to try out this new hair technique.  I started my hair journey at around 9:30 Am. I was super pumped to kill it!

From the first strand, I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought! The hair was getting tangled, my cornrows were coming undone, and the method the tutorial was showing didn’t quite work for me. I was getting quite frustrated because the girl in the video made it look so easy! I knew that she probably did this all the time and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.  I am no pessimist nor  am I a quitter, so I pushed on… for FIVE HOURS. With a few food brakes and an impromptu visit to the beauty store to buy more hair, I finally finished!


I had to cut the extensions because they were WAY too long! I’m 5’2, so shoulder/ collar bone length was perfect for me! Besides the full length of the hair tangled way too much and it got stuck on everything! It was also quite heavy. Maybe big hair just isn’t for me! But more power to the girls that do it!


When I was finished, I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either! It was alright. I knew that the look would not last more than a week at most!

4 days later, I was SICK OF IT! The braids became even looser as the days went on, under the hair and the hair itself kept on tangling. I got so fed up, I just cut it out.

But now that I could say that I’ve tried it, there are a couple of things I would do differently next time around (if there is a next time!):

  • Get my hair braided tighter and maybe professionally done!
  • Get better quality hair
  • Maybe get the assistance of a hairdresser, especially for the back! The back took about 3 hours of the 5 hours it took to finish… NOT FUN.
  • Do a little bit more research.

So there you have it, my fail whale of a first attempt at crochet braids! If I ever try and actually succeed, I’ll make sure to document it! But I feel like sharing the process whether the outcome was successful or not, all helps! So please take my mistakes and know what not to do I guess. I would do this style again but I think I would get some assistance.

One of friends got her hair crochet braids done a few weeks ago and it looks amazing. The only difference is that she paid for hers to get done by a hairdresser. I will probably do the same the next time. I’m just the type of person who would rather try something myself before I have to pay for it! But if you have more hair styling skills than me (which is next to no styling skills), than you’ll probably have more luck. 🙂