Shoppin n’ Droppin: My Favorite Online Stores

I’m not too big on crowds, especially when there is a sale at the mall! Pushing, shoving, long lines – all make me shudder. That’s why I’m such an advocate for online shopping. You don’t even need to put on real pants or leave the comfort of your snuggy! Who needs a mall when you can go shopping in your pjs.

Some online stores can be quite pricey, especially when the taxes and shipping are included. Its often cheaper to just go to the mall and do your shopping. But I’ve found a few of my fave online stores that not only have great prices but reasonable shipping prices.

Another factor is if the store itself actually ships worldwide. A lot of online stores have great prices but they only ship domestically. Since I do not live in the US, like most of the online stores I look at are based out of, worldwide shipping is a must!

Here are some of my fave websites for my shopping fixes:

This online store originated in China. With FREE shipping, there is a wide selection of trendy clothing. There are always different deals depending on the day or time of year. Plus there is a discount for your first order! The styles are pretty diverse, there’s a little bit for any style. I’ve ordered a blazer and kimono from them, and I was satisfied with my purchase since they were both under $20 with free shipping. The quality of the clothes that I got was subpar but for the price, satisfactory. I defiantly wouldn’t recommend buying anything for regular price though.


This website is like an online craft market. There are tons of original hand-made pieces being sold directly from those who create them. They sell almost everything – accessories, clothing, and whole sale items, among many more. The thing I love about Etsy is that it’s based on small businesses.  I like the idea of helping the little guys. As for the pricing and shipping, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Etsy is like the store version of Pintrest. People make these Pintrest inspired items and instead of slaving over a DIY version of what you’ve seen on Pintrest; you can just buy it!


The clothes and accessory sold at Missguided is to die for! Its super trendy and the best part: the prices are pretty great. Based out of the UK, Missguided offers shipping rates at reasonable pricing. They also offer an extra %15 off if you’re a student which is extra sweet! And they ship worldwide so it’s not a problem!

This website also has some really cute stuff. I would say their stuff reminds me of Forever 21 – trendy and fashionable. They have some great basic pieces for $30 or less. They also have free shipping Canada wide if your order is $50 and over, which is great if you’re from here. If not, the shipping prices are quite reasonable! US shipping cost only $10. I haven’t yet took advantage of these amazing prices, but I’ll probably check them out on boxing day or black Friday.

Based out of Cally, Pink Ice has a beachier feel to their clothing. Their pieces seem great for summer wear. Shipping is pricey depending on where you life though. If you live in the states shipping only $6, Canada is $22, Korea is $10, and for all other countries the rate is $35. I haven’t tried ordering yet because I’m not completely happy with the shipping rates but I love the clothes. Perhaps when they have a sale, it will make up for the shipping.

I literally love almost everything on this website! From the accessories to the shoes to the clothes! The prices are reasonable and so are the shipping rates. I would say that the style of the site if more on the trendy side with a different twist to it. I could definitely see this being a fashionista’s favorite website. If I wasn’t such a broke student, I’d definitely go crazy on here! They even have a lookbook to show you how to wear various items sold on the site, which is so helpful. Especially when you fall in love with a certain piece and you have no idea how to wear it.

The clothes and accessories sold at Necessary Clothing are super cute! Not only are the shipping rates low, the pricing of the merchandise is also reasonable. The clothing style reminds me of a mix between H&M and Top Shop.  To me it has more an urban feel to it.

Not only is the name 29 ‘n under similar to Forever 21, but the style as well is somewhat like Forever. This great because F21 is my guilty pleasure. As much as it is basic, I can’t resist! They ship worldwide and the pricing is cheat as well! Can’t argue with that combo.

And there you have it: a list of my favorite online stores. My favorite part of online shopping is finding something that not a lot of people have around you. Combined with the deals you can find, you can pay next to nothing and look!