My Favorite DIY Home Beauty Remedies

Sometimes its nice to try doing simple beauty regiments that your would pay for in a salon. Not only is it at a fraction of the price, it’s way healthier because you know all the ingredients are all natural! I’m a huge advocate for DIY beauty remedies and these are the few concoctions that have worked for me so far:

Vinegar + Mouth Wash  = Pedicure 

Sometimes I don’t have the time nor the money to get a pedicure at a salon. If you’re like me, pair of sandals is your go-to footwear in the summer. Rough feet and sandals are not the best combination! I looked into a few at-home alternatives for pedicure and this particular combination worked like a dream! All you need is 1/3 vinegar (I found that both apple cider vinegar and regular vinegar combined), ¼ mouth wash, and double water. You can either multiply or reduce the combination of ingredients. Either way, this recipe works like a dream! Soak your feet for at least an hour. Add a really good foot scrub and your feet will be summer ready in no time!

Rosemary Herbs + Boiled in Water + Cooled = Hair conditioner

I recently found out that rosemary water is extremely beneficial to your hair. If you happen to have dry hair, dry scalp, or you just want to grow out your hair; rosemary water will help you! I love this because it not only leaves my hair smelling amazing, it leaves it soft and moisturized. It’s actually pretty simple to make. All that you have to do is boil a few rosemary leaves in water and let it completely cool (it should be a light purple brown when it’s cooled). Once it’s done you either soak your hair and let it sit then wash it out, or spray it in your hair as a leave in conditioner! This pared with natural oil (my favorite is coconut oil) makes your hair shinny!


I love this stuff it has so many uses, its natural remedy gold! I use it for mostly beauty remedies though it can be used for health benefits and also for cooking. I use it as a hair conditioner, facial moisturizer, cuticle oil, and make-up remover! I even use it for a moisture deep treatment for my hair in the winter! I use about 1tsp of melted coconut oil, combined with either an egg or 1sp of mayo. I would put a shower cap on my head to let the mixture sit in my hair for at least an hour. After this treatment my hair is soft and replenished!

Brown Sugar + Olive Oil = Lip Scrub 

When I have dry, peeling lips this remedy works wonders. I combine brown sugar with either olive oil, coconut oil, or even petroleum jelly. I just put the concoction of my lips and simply rub it in with a tooth brush or the edge of a rag! It’s really simple and it taste great, especially the coconut oil and brown sugar option.

Banana + Lemon Juice+ Sea Salt + Honey = Acne Face Mask 

When I break out this face mask is my saving grace! It not only smells great, the break outs on my face are reduced in size or completely gone! I love it because it’s really easy to make. All you really have to do is mash up a half a banana, combine the lemon juice, add about 1tsp of honey, and about a pinch of salt. I usually leave it on my face for at least a half an hour. Simply wash the residue off with warm water. After this treatment I like to use an exfoliating face wash and a coconut oil moisturizer!

These are just a few of the home remedies that actually worked for me! I’m constantly trying new all natural alternatives for beauty and health remedies. It’s the cheaper and healthier alternative!  I hope these remedies will be as good to you as they were to me.