Mac Lipstick For Less: The Knock-Off Drug Store Option

Getting a new shade of lipstick is great but when its cost $20 and up for one tube, a girls got to look for an alternative! I love Mac lipsticks but on a student budget, those prices will not work for me. So I did a bit of research and there are actually shades of lipsticks in other brands, which are almost identical! The only difference is that it’s a fraction of the price.

Buying the drug store version of the shade you want has its benefits. Aside from being obviously cheaper, it allows you to play around with more shades. If you like the drug store color, the next time around you can invest in the Mac version!

I personally have tried some of these and I actually liked the cheaper versions better than the Mac lipstick itself. I found that the drugstore matte lipsticks were less drying as apposed to the Mac, which I found a bit chalky!

Here are a few knock-off drugstore shades: