Wigging Out: My First DIY Wigs

Wigs are the latest craze!  EVERYONE’S doing it. But it’s not by any means new. Wigs have been around for years, but they have had a stigma attached to wearing them. They’re wonderful to protect your natural hair, not to mention those lazy days where you don’t feel like making an effort but you still want to look cute.

I’m all about trying new things. So when I heard that it was possible to make my own wig, I took to YouTube. I researched for hours on the different types of wigs I could make. I settled on wanting to make a U- part Wig. Here are the videos I found personally, the most helpful:

Just a tip, do not settle on one or two videos to inform you. Watch as many as you can, before being absolutely sick of watching them. What may make sense to someone else may not make sense to you. Also, some videos may leave out key information or don’t cover some topics that can be helpful to you. So moral of the story: go crazy with the YouTube tutorials and blog posts about the process.

So with an idea of how to make it, I went down to my local beauty supply store. I wasn’t interested in buying hair that was premium quality, strictly on the basis that this was my first time (If I messed up, I didn’t want to have wasted a ton of money). I found this value pack towards the front of the store. It said it was real Peruvian body wave hair. Since I was so inexperienced, I thought it was legit.

Side note: If the hair has a smell to it, it’s not real! If the bundles are thin, it’s not good quality! And if the hair is too cheaply priced: it’s basically you pay for what you get!  I didn’t know any of this when I first walked into a beauty store… I should have done my research on not only the wig making, but also about actually buying quality hair. Either way, the hair that I did get was good for practice.

Weave in hand, I was ready to make this wig! The materials that I needed were:

1 Pair of Scissors

1  At least on pack of wig

1 Needle (curved)

1 Needle (straight)

1 Thread bundle

1 Wig Head

1 Wig Cap

Tips from my mistakes:

  • Try on the Wig Cap and make sure its fits your head before you buy it!
  • Another note on the cap, make sure it’s stretchy and not too think! You want this to feel as comfortable as possible. You don’t want your cap to be too hot on your head. You also don’t want your cap to pull your hair underneath because it’s not stretchy enough!
  • Make sure you don’t have a place to be. Dedicate a whole day or night to this… It’s going to take a while, especially if it’s your first time.

My first wig took me so long, mostly because I made a lot of mistakes. Naturally, it was a trial and error experience. But the biggest concern was the cap itself. I had to actually take apart the wig and replace the cap because the one I had originally bought had little to no elasticity.


The wig itself lasted me for 3 months. I enjoyed it for the time being and got my money’s worth. After the 3 month mark, it started to shed even more than it originally did, and looked a little matted. So it was bye-bye to my first wig.

My Second Wig went a little better than the first. HOWEVER, the problem I had with this one was that it was WAY too thick. I used 2 packs, and I felt like Dora the Explora walking around with that thing on. I tried trimming it, but it was a bit of a mess. What I needed was a razor for softer layers and LESS HAIR.

Next time around, I plan on using on pack of quality, shorter hair (the shorter you go, the more hair you get in the pack. So one pack would be enough to make a U-Part wig). I’ll be sure to document my next mission!