90s Fashion: It’s back with a Vengeance and I’m Loving it!

Pop culture is all about the 1990s: the hair, the clothes, the music, ect. As a 90s kids, I’m sitting back and cackling with joy. Even if I was a young child in the 90s, I remember being obsessed with my jellies and spice girl memorabilia apparel. Here are a few of the 90 inspired trends that I’m obsessed with:

  1. Cornrow Inspired Dutch Braid



Before there was the Kardashians claiming they invented this style, there was a whole culture that wore their hair like this in the 1990s and 2000s! Some may know these braids as Dutch Braids, some may know them by their original name of cornrows – these braids are really cute. They were originally, the ‘tough girl’ look that originated from the 1990s ‘street’ fashion.  I personally love wearing my hair like this because it’s easy to maintain and it looks youthful (but at the same time not too youthful).  Besides, I get a kick out of embracing my inner Chola with this hairstyle, from time to time.

  1. Overalls


When my mom dressed me as a kid, overalls were staples of my wardrobe. Along with socks, Velcro sandals, and simple basic over sized t-shirt – I was sensible swaggin from time G.  When I saw overalls were back, I searched the storage to see if I could still fit into an old pair from middle school (for obvious reasons I certainly didn’t… but I humored myself). So I went out and bought a cute pair and I rock them every summer with a cute crop top under!

  1. Double Buns


Super cute and fun, I love that this hair trend is coming back. Yes, some people may say that double buns are for three year olds and toy poodles, but I say – bring on the cuteness!


  1. Center Parts


A middle part is elegant and simple. It’s a classic that I doubt will ever go out of style. One can never really go wrong with a middle part. The 90s was a decade of simplicity in terms of fashion and beauty. The center part really embodies the overall feel of the 1990s to me. Love it.


  1. High waited… well anything really



Ok. High waited any is bae! Especially jeans! For a girl with a bigger bottom then waist, low rise jeans don’t work as well I need them to! Jeans in general, that aren’t high wasted, are a bit of a nightmare to find. But with this trend making its way back in, finding jeans that actually comfortable – is golden.

  1. High ponytail, Half up Half down Hair



Similar to the double buns, a lot of people feel like this hairstyle is way too childish. I personally think the half up; half down pony is cute for casual setting. Why not! Who wouldn’t want to be adorable and fun?


Those are just a few trends that are popular now that gained their inspiration from the 90s, which I love. There are a few more like combat boots, keds, and jean bottom down shirts that I could also add to this list as well. I’ve heard that fashion trend come back every 20 years. So If the 2010s are all about the 90s, does that mean that the 2020s are going to be all about the 2000s? I don’t know if I’m ready for the suede matching jumpsuits, bare midriffs, frosted tips and coloured sunglasses to resurrect.