Sipping My Tea: My 21st Birthday

I am a self proclaimed tea person. I’d take tea over any other hot beverage any day. Specifically Chai tea with milk and honey or plain green tea! I know you probably didn’t care how I like my tea, but it was slightly relevant. Knowing how much I love actual tea and let’s be honest, figurative tea (but that’s none of my business!) – It was a natural desire to want to have a real tea party.



Since I was turning 21 on a Wednesday this year, and I had work bright and early the next morning; I saw the perfect opportunity to have one. I also outgrew the whole clubbing and drinking thing. I wanted to do something different for my birthday.

So I decided on a tea party at MoRoCo Chocolat. A co-worker recommended it, so I looked into it and it was everything I had envisioned. It’s the cutest tea spot/ restaurant in the heart of Toronto. We had the high teas which included mini sandwiches, macaroons, delicious macaroni and cheese, a large pot of tea, and also a glass of Champagne. Everything was delicious… pricey, but worth every penny.

tea 2
Photo Creds to my Friend, Ameena. Her Instagram is beyond @_xameei
Tea 3
Another amazing picture from @_xameei

In true Abby fashion – I dressed extra with six inch heels, press on nails and a big floppy hat. After all it was my 21st birthday, why not, right? Even though the rest of my friends didn’t go all out, I stood out like a sparkly sore thumb. OH WELL!

Tea 5
Found on my Instagram Page @abbyw_xo

My friends also enjoyed themselves. It was intimate: just what I had hoped for my birthday celebration. They agreed that this outing was a nice change from the usual club scene, which all of them were getting tired of as well. Maybe we’re all getting old, who knows!

From My Instagram page, @abbyw_xo

All in all, the tea party idea was a good one! Two thumbs up!


Tea 4
Another one from my Instagram Account

The next time around, I want to host my own tea party in my backyard garden at home. Maybe invite a few more people and make it themed (I was thinking Breakfast at Tiffany’s).