The Petty Friend: Is She Throwing Shade Or Does It Sound A Little Familiar?

Urban Dictionary defines being petty as “the act of keeping it too real, while others find it offensive. 100% honesty, even if it’s ‘mean’”.  Other definitions include childish or “when someone takes a small subject and blows it out of proportion”.

Here are some characteristics that petty people have. Some people only have a few, some people have all. Do you know anyone who is like this? :

1. Expert Shade Thrower


This person is no rooky to throwing shade. A good shade thrower would do it so subtly, that people wouldn’t notice until they’ve had a chance to strut or walk away. They’re shade aren’t cheap jabs, its expertly thought out and perfectly sassy. Shade throwers are not always mean or malicious nor do they always indent to hurt people. These people are in fact the most real people you’ll meet, because they will not smile in your face and say anything they haven’t told you to your face, behind your back.

2. Vindictive Viola


This person, despite the gendered name, will come for you if you dare to cross them. They don’t take anything lying down. They’re revenge consist of petty antics that are indeed vindictive. But hey, to defend them, they were tried to begin with.

3. Roasting Champ


This person will flame you and everything you love with a string of words. It’s even worse if this person tag teams another roasting champ… it’s over at that point.

4. The Flip Flop


This person will make detailed plans, knowing that they will not come. They will cancel or flake out the last minute, leaving every other party involved inconvenienced. I personally hate people like this, so I will not play devil’s advocate on this one.

5. Clap Back Royalty


This person’s come back game is strong. There is nothing you can say, that this person can’t come back with a fire line about you or your situation. This person will not stand back and let you bully or mistreat them. They’ll make sure you know that you tried the wrong one, and you won’t realize it till it’s too late.


6. Screen Shot Savage


These people screen shot  text conversations and posts to share in group chats or to being up later to prove a point. The screen shots usually resurface to clap back or to expose someone.

7. Unnecessary Eunice


These people will make a scene and fight battles that were not even worth it. These people are one of the worst kinds of petty. But they’re entertaining to watch from a far… so proceed!

8. The Go to Gossip


These people always know the Tea. This doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily spill it. Their more pettier counter parts will definitely not  hesitate to, though.

9. Noisy Noleen



These people will go out of their way to not mind their own business. They like to be in the know of everything in their surroundings. They are not the ones to be blatant about their noisiness though – they have a way of being very low key.

#TeamPetty, We’ve all been there. I can personally say that I’ve been guilty of one or two of the above characteristic. Being ‘petty’ is seen as a negative thing, but I think it’s necessary in certain situation to clap back or throw a little shade – just to show those around you that you are not one to be walked all over.


HOWEVER, it is one thing to be ‘petty’ at times and another to be always petty. Those that don’t know how to turn on and off that petty button can rub people the wrong way. People will most likely not want to be around them, and their attitudes will keep them from opportunities that can advance them in life. Also people who are constantly petty attract like-minded people, which is a recipe for disaster resulting in inauthentic and often toxic relationships.





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