Dry, Damaged Hair? No Prob!

I have a DIY hair mask that has worked wonders when my hair feels dry and brittle. This mask is so easy and incredibly moisturizing. After I wash it out of my hair, it looks shiny and healthy. It feels soft and has no tangles too!

So you might be thinking, what magical hair crack do you have? Well my friend, all you’ll really need is two ingredients: eggs and coconut oil!

What you’re going to want to do is melt the coconut oil on the stove or in the microwave. But make sure to not overheat it, just enough for it to be liquid. Then, crack one or two eggs into the melted oil. Make sure you beat the eggs in vigorously so that the mixture becomes thick. It would be about 2 tbs of coconut oil to 1 egg (I’d recommend more than one egg if your hair is really long).




Sit tight, it’s about to get messy! Section your hair in four or six parts. Make sure you detangle your hair, it makes this whole thing a lot easier. I usually like to braid each section to keep them separated. One section at a time, undo them and distribute it evenly throughout your hair. It works the best when you use your hands (it’s messy and the mixture is likely to go everywhere. So, also wear something you’re not afraid to get a little dirty. The mixture is completely washable; it has never stained any of my clothes.)

Focus on applying the hair mask to the ends of your hair. Try to avoid putting it directly on your scalp, I find that it leaves buildup (not fun!). Instead I like to put a store bought hair mask on my scalp (Shea Moister Jamaican Caster Oil Hair Mask, to be exact. Caster Oil is great for stimulating growth and moisturizing as well. It’s an extra step, but not necessary!).


Next step, getting a little thrifty! Get a plastic shopping bag or plastic shower cap and put it over your head (tie the shopping bad with a rubber band or knot it). As crazy as you’re going to look, trust me, its going to be worth it! The LONGER you leave it on, the better! I usually leave it on for 3-4 hours minimum. It drips, so a towel on your shoulders would be a good idea.

When you are finally ready to wash your hair, a major tip would be to only was with cool water! What this does is close your open hair shafts, locking in the protein and moister of the hair mask. This step is ESSENTIAL! If you decide to wash your hair in warm or hot water, the mask will literally cook in your hair (who wants scrambled egg hair… you probably don’t!). Also rising with hot water won’t let the mask be as effective as it can be.


Once you wash the mask out, I recommenced cowashing (washing with conditioner) or doing a quick shampoo and then using a moisturizing conditioner.


And there you have it! Hopefully your hair will be as happy as mine when I deep condition with this DIY hair mask.