Bye Felicia: A Tale of The Girl Always Going Somewhere

Graduated and now what? Everyone says that it’ll come with graduation: the confusion and fear of the unknown. Now that I’m graduated from university, I have no idea what to do with myself. I have gone through many ruts in my life, and I’d say this one is top 5 for sure!

One degree, and countless rejections later and it feels like I’m at square one. Career-wise, everything I do seems to be fail! After every no, I pick myself up and try, try, again. But its exhausting. I never seem to be good enough…

The hardest part of this whole post-grad slump is seeing my close circle of friends from university, have their post grad opportunities take off. I’m happy to see them do well, but I can’t help but to feel inferior. Of course our paths are not the same, nor are our end goals — but I can’t help but look at their successes and feel like I have nothing going for me, other than a degree at this point.

I don’t know where to start… What can I do to make myself valuable? That is the question I seem to be asking myself everyday. And as I send another email or fill out another application, I grow more and more discouraged. I’ve heard of the struggle of being a graduate, but I never thought it would be this disheartening.

I thought I had my post grad all figured out. I thought I would get into the Masters program that I had always dreamed about, and the rest would all work itself out! But when I got rejected from that program, all my other plans seemed to go down the toilet with it. Maybe it was my fault for not having a much of a lucrative backup plan, but I put my heart and soul into the application for that program. I should have known that life always has a funny way of not going as you expect.

I want to be like Felicia, always going somewhere new. On the contrary, I feel stagnated in this unknown black hole that is post grad. Should I go to collage? Or should I get an internship? Or should I start my own company? I have no clue.