Life Changing Apps that Every Girl Needs

The younger generations are especially attached to their phones. I’m personally guilty of being glued to screens all day. I for one am not tech-ashamed of this! Technology is great. And don’t get me wrong, like everything, it has its set backs. But these apps are literal game changers! Not only are all these apps FREE, they come in handy for your everyday needs.



This app tracks your cycle, so you don’t have to. It is also more accurate than Period tracker (which, I can attest to! Sometimes my period tracker app is a day or two off, while this app is on the ball… no pun intended). It actually gives you the days that you’re fertile and it gives you the changes in percentages of which days you would most likely get pregnant. This is a great app for women either that are trying to either plan or prevent pregnancy.



This app blew my mind! As an black girl, it’s often hard to find someone who can braid or weave your hair. Hair dressers usually come from word of mouth. With this app, all your hair dresser problems are solved! It gives you a list of serves and locations of stylists that do braids, weaves, wash and gos, ect. It also gives you the prices they charge and pictures of their work… how sweet is that!




This app allows you to access, it almost seems like, every online store in one area. You can look though and save items that you like. You can also create wish lists, buy the item from the actual online store its from, and you can see the price of the item. You can also see if the item is on sale and how many other people saved the item. It also lets you know if an item is sold out!


If you’re out late or worried about your safety going to or from somewhere, this app has what you need. It lets you contact your ‘companions’ and gives them a highlighted route of where you are at all times on a live map. If you don’t make it to your destination on time, you get a text asking if you’re OK. There are also features to alert companions about unsafe conditions or to call the police.



This app helps you find clean bathrooms around you! The amount of times I had to suffer through nightmare bathrooms… wish I knew that there’s an app to prevent those traumatic experiences!



THE BEST PHOTO EDITING APP EVEEEEER. Just saying. No other explanation needed. Just try it and you’ll see the awesomeness of this app.



This will scan your product and see if there are any other sales anywhere else! If you’re a bit of a thrift seeker like me, this app will get you excited. You don’t have to worry about paying full price any longer — price match or buying the product somewhere else for cheaper… score!

And there you have it, these apps are total game changers. Happy App-ing!