The Ice Cream Chronicles

It’s nowhere close to being a throw back Thursday, but with the brisk weather gracing our presence here in Canada — I look back to this past summer and drool over all the delicious treats I’ve had! Summer in the 6ix has definitely been a hot one. My S.O. and I had embraced our inner chubby bunny and hit up some of the hottest ice cream spots in Toronto.

Sweet Jesus

I felt like a hipster waiting 1 and a half hours for these bad boys! I ordered the red velvet cone, while he ordered s’more cone. Needless to say they were delicious (I say ‘they’ because of course I had to steal a bite) and messy! BUT with a cup to toss the cone upside down in, when it started to melt, it wasn’t too much of a mess.




Dutch Dreams

We waited for about an hour in line to get our hands on these. I ordered cookie dough ice cream with an almond cone, and he ordered peanut butter ice cream with a Reese’s Pieces cone! The choices of ice cream flavors and cones was overwhelming and seemly endless. With every order, we had the choice of topping our ice cream with whipped cream, fruit, and cotton candy.


It was rather expensive, but really delicious. Not being a huge ice cream fan, it was too much for me. But my boyfriend enjoyed eating his and most of mine! If we go back, I’m defiantly ordering the frozen yogurt!

Eva’s Original Chimneys

These have been all the rave this summer, so naturally babe and I have to go try it. The wait was only about a half hour! It smelt phenomenal and tasted just as good. I ordered the regular cone, while he ordered the supreme cone. The only major set back is when the soft sever starts to melt – the cone falls apart and it goes everywhere. Other than that, no complaints

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We didn’t go to may places for ice cream, but there a few other places in Toronto that are on our ‘to-go’ list before it gets cold! Here’s the other places we want to try:

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery20140606-bangbang590-12




Fugo Desserts


Pancho Bakery


My mouth waters just thinking about these delicious cones, RIP to Our Waist lines!