Back It Again With The Ice Cream

It’s officially the second day of fall and the weather has taken no time to switch over. With the brisk winds and early sunsets, my partner in crime and I decided to hold onto the last bit of summer by trying a new ice cream spot.

From the last post The Ice Cream Chronicles, you may have guessed that I have an inner chubby bunny. On a random spur we decided to check out a place called  Cool N2 Ice Cream.

It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. First of all, they made the ice cream from scratch with heavy cream and whatever you choose as your flavor (I got cookies and cream and he got chocolate brownie). Then they mix the ingredients in a blender with liquid nitrogen. The smoke was hella cool to watch spill out of the blender.

It  took about 10-15 minutes, but when we our ice cream at the table, they actually poured more N2 on our plates! The cloud of smoke creeping an top and at the sides of the table was pretty cool. But wait there was more: the ice cream tasted great; not too sweet but ceremony and surprisingly a lot of ice cream packed into one small container.

As cool as it was, I don’t think this place will have me as a regular. But it will definitely be one for the foodie bucket-list!