DIY Lush Products

I’m obsessed with all natural products and Lush gives me my monthly fix. If you haven’t checked out my Lush post, read My Absolute Favorite Lush Products. I have even considered working there… not even thinking about the money, but all the discounts I would get on products. Yeah.

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The only downside to buying all natural products is that it can be quite expensive! Since the ingredients can be found in your local grocery store, why not make your own favorite products.

Here are a few DIY of my favorite Lush products:

DIY Beauty: How To Dupe Lush Coalface + Holiday Gift Idea


Enjoy this DIY Shea Butter Bars tutorial with our founder Lisa Price -- perfect for yourself or as a holiday gift!!:

Just found this recipe on Pinterest. I adjusted the amounts so you get a bigger batch of Ocean Salt. Mix it up and store it in a little container. I plan on trying this in a few days. Fresh out of vodka in my household.:

diy bath bomb infographic More:


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