Winter Glow Up: Must-Try Scrubs

The harsh  weather of this season definitely takes a toll on your skin – making it dry, irritated, and tired looking!  Giving your skin a much needed spa treatment will give it that extra TLC it needs, to get back that beautiful glow it had in the summer.

1.Geisha salted cream body scrub

The lactic acid in cream stimulates collagen production, while vanilla is a skin healer and protector. Try them in a scrub for super-softness.


2. Coconut coffee scrub cubes

These are the perfect weapon against cellulite and stretch masks.

Image result for coconut coffee scrub

3. chocolate coconut sugar scrub

This scrub with moisturize and exfoliate your skin… 10 points if you resist stealing a taste!

homemade chocolate coconut sugar scrub I

4. Almond and Floral Body Scrub

This scrub has a salt base, which has added benefits of drawing out toxins from your skin. Since salt tends to be a bit more drying, I would recommend to have a good moisturizer on hand when you’re done with this scrub!



Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory for the skin and it also is an antiseptic that speeds up healing wounds.Win-win!

Turmeric Body Scrub Cups



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