img_0032Hello Stranger!  My name is Abby. Welcome to my blog. I’ve just  completed my degree in Communications in the heart of Canada’s capital.
As an aspiring Journalist, I wanted to find some sort of outlet that I could practice and develop my craft.
I found myself doing all these DIY projects. My friends had always encouraged me to share them: so I thought “hey! why not make a blog”.  Finding inspiration and sharing it: that is my goal.  I created this site to share and discover new things I have tried or would like to try.
I not only have a passion for decor and craft, I am opinionated and inquisitive. I find passion in social and political issues that effect myself and those around me. Finding an outlet of expression is also quite important for me.


Whether it is sharing DIY projects I’ve tried (sometimes my DIY fails) or just talking about issues I find fascinating, I strive to not only share truth but discover more truths along the way. I named my blog Glimmer, Glamour, and Grace because these are the words I live by and strive to embody.
– Abby xoxo

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